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Greetings, frog! We’re Froqorion, a Fantom -based NFT game studio dedicated to crafting captivating experiences.
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Froqorion’s ambition is to proudly stand at the forefront of the NFT gaming landscape, harnessing the transformative power of blockchain technology on the Fantom chain. Our journey has been marked by significant milestones, including our triumph in the esteemed Sonic Labs incubator program, which has solidified our partnership with the esteemed Fantom Foundation. Dedicated to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation, Froqorion curates a diverse portfolio of NFT collections, each brimming with unique charm and allure. Among our flagship offerings is the enchanting Fantom Frog Family collection, capturing the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide with its whimsical characters and narratives.
In addition to our beloved frog-themed universe, Froqorion presents the delightful tinyfrogs collection, a whimsical ensemble of pint-sized creatures sure to captivate collectors of all ages. Furthermore, discerning collectors will be enthralled by the allure of Froqorion's Relics, a meticulously curated series of one-of-one treasures embodying the essence of rarity and exclusivity. At Froqorion, we are committed to pioneering groundbreaking experiences in the NFT gaming sphere, driven by our passion for innovation and our unwavering dedication to our community of supporters and collectors. Join us on our quest to redefine the boundaries of digital ownership and immersion


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